Uniformed Patrol

The Patrol Division of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office is a dedicated division of professional law enforcement men and women whose primary responsibility is to patrol all areas of Lincoln Parish to enforce the Revised Statutes of Louisiana and Ordinances of Lincoln Parish.   This division is the backbone of the department and primarily responsible for criminal patrols in the unincorporated areas of Lincoln Parish’s 472 square miles, but have authority anywhere in the parish.  The assigned duty of criminal patrol can include anything from a loose livestock complaint, to a traffic crash, to a burglary complaint, or a homicide.  The highly trained deputies of this division are the front-line first responders that have the most contact with the public and are committed in their efforts to maintain a safe environment for all the citizens of Lincoln Parish.

The Patrol Division is comprised of four (4) teams that are each supervised by a shift lieutenant and sergeant.  This division of devoted deputies operates around the clock 365 days a year.  Many members of the Patrol Division of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department also serve on the Special Response Team (SRT) of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department.