Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office Divisions


Criminal Services Division

The Criminal Services Division is available to assist you with the following services:

  • Filing of criminal complaints

  • Individual Criminal Background Checks for employment and rental applications

  • Must present picture ID

  • Fee: $5.00 Cash

  • Obtaining copies of accident reports. (See below)

  • Obtaining copies of incident reports. (See below)

Who can obtain an Accident Report

A person involved in the accident
Owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident
Parent of a minor involved in the accident
Attorney representing a person involved in the accident
Insurance company of a person involved in the accident
Utility company that suffered property damage as the result of the accident
Citizen who suffered property damage as a result of the accident – proof of address must be provided by the citizen

Note: The cost of an accident report is $5.00. Only cash will be accepted. No checks, credit cards or debit cards.

Obtaining an Incident Report

Any individual listed on the report can obtain a computer-generated copy of the report if in accordance to Louisiana RS:44.3, which includes, but is not limited to the denial of availability when the investigation is pending, there is pending litigation, or other various factors which may inhibit the release of such information.

Note: The cost of an incident report is $6.00 for the first five pages, and $1.00 per page thereafter. Only cash will be accepted. No checks, credit cards or debit cards.


The Patrol Division of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department is a proactive unit of law enforcement that operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, maintaining a professional level of law enforcement throughout the parish. The Patrol Division is comprised of four (4) teams that are supervised by a shift lieutenant and sergeant for each team.

Lincoln Parish deputies patrol the parish in a proactive manner and enforce many different laws, ranging from traffic violations to criminal code violations, in an effort to maintain a safe environment and a better quality of life for the citizens of the parish.

Many members of the Patrol Division of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department also serve upon the Special Response Team (SRT) of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department. Members of the department’s SRT are versed in dealing with situations that require specialized tactics when dealing with situations that are, by their nature, high risk.

Members of the department’s Reserve Unit also assist within the Patrol Division of the department.


The investigators possess special skills in interviewing, crime scene investigations, warrant preparation, evidence collection and preservation, constitutional issues, and interpersonal relations. They investigate all types of crimes from white collar crimes to homicides to burglaries and thefts. They interview witnesses, victims, and suspects in order to build each case they investigate.


The SCAT Team (Sheriff’s Community Action Team) is a component of LPNET. SCAT consists of uniformed deputies who patrol streets and neighborhoods to combat drug crimes. SCAT deputies have been responsible for the seizure of thousands of dollars in illegal drugs. This unit uses a drug-sniffing dog to assist in locating drugs. The K-9 unit is always on call an can respond to requests for assistance by any local law enforcement officer. SCAT’s efforts, along with those of the investigators assigned to LPNET, are making it more difficult for drug traffickers to operate in Lincoln Parish.


Our Juvenile Division works to resolve all juvenile problems and prevent juvenile crimes. They are responsible for investigating juvenile delinquency, child abuse, and other juvenile crimes. The Juvenile Division also investigates matters which concern the care, supervision, neglect, and/or custody of juveniles. They counsel juveniles and their parents and work with local schools to help keep kids out of trouble. They hold DARE classes at the elementary and junior high levels to help educate the kids about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.


Our dispatchers receive many calls a day ranging from general questions to life threatening emergencies.  All 911 calls from within the parish, except in the city limits of Ruston, are answered by the dispatchers of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office.  Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They consistently contact the deputies to ask if they need backup units or specialized units such as investigators.  They also have the responsibility of making sure the deputies are safe.  Another duty of the dispatchers is to always make sure they know where the deputies and other units, such as fire and rescue, are at all times. 


The Probation Division of the Sheriff’s Department monitors offenders who are placed on probation by the District Court for misdemeanor violations such as DWI and theft. Deputies assigned to the section monitor offenders to ensure compliance with court-order conditions of probation. Among their duties include administering drug testing, collecting restitution, and supervising probationers through monthly meetings and home visits.

Sgt. Winston may be reached at 318-513-6314 and Deputy Walker at 318-513-6313
Felony probation is handled by the Louisiana Department of Corrections which has an office in the Lincoln Parish Courthouse Annex.


Our Training Division coordinates and conducts ongoing training efforts for Lincoln Parish deputies. They provide the highest quality of professional law enforcement training possible. The training provides three broad purposes. The first purpose is to get the officers better prepared to act decisively and correctly in a wide spectrum of situations. The second is to increase productivity and effectiveness. Training also fosters cooperation and unity of purpose. The training is provided by certified trainers from both within and from outside the department. All members of the Sheriff’s Department receive training on an annual basis.


The Civil Division consists of the Tax Collector’s Office, Court Bailiffs and Civil Paper Service. The Tax Collector’s Office has the responsibility of mail property tax notices, collecting property taxes and distributing taxes to each taxing governmental entity. They also receive payments for traffic tickets, court fines and costs and any others charges levied by the courts.

Court Bailiffs serve during trials, hearings and other courtroom proceedings. They provide security for the judge, staff and those in attendance and are also in charge of defendants who are in custody. Court Bailiffs also assist in the administration of court proceedings as directed by the judge and clerk of court.

Civil Paper Service is the serving of legal documents in civil matters. These documents range from service on civil complaints to protection from abuse orders. This division serves seizure papers on property for non payment of debt and conducts sheriff sales weekly for seized property.


The members of the reserve unit are citizen volunteers who give their time to increase the safety and security of the community. They take great pride in the organization and the services they provide. The reserve deputies participate in all aspects of the Office of the Sheriff. All of the reserve deputies are professionals who have sought a rewarding part-time career in law enforcement. They also participate in the same training that is provided for the patrol division to ensure they are qualified to do the traffic enforcement or any other duty that may be required of them.


Sheriff Citizens on Patrol officers assist with traffic, neighborhood patrols, community programs, and other special events.  They are all voluntarily offering their time to assist the Sheriff’s office in these duties.  They have no arrest power and are not an armed detail, but they are more than willing to help in any way they can. 


The Triad Division is a cooperation between law enforcement and senior citizens.  They work with the senior citizens of Lincoln Parish to develop solutions to reduce crime against our elderly.  This division meets the needs of our growing aging population.  They hold special classes to inform and assist the seniors of this parish.  Triad will seek and use appropriate community resources to promote cooperative expansion of crime prevention within the community and provide educational programs to reduce fear and the opportunity for victimization. 

Litter / Animal Control

Our litter control and animal control divisions work together to help keep Lincoln Parish clean.  The litter control division enforces litter laws and supervises inmate roadside litter collection.  The animal control division sets up cages to trap stray dogs and cats.  They also transport stray animals to the animal shelter, speak with citizens about their neighbor’s untamed pet, and investigate acts of animal cruelty.