The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department has been made aware of calls that residents are reporting, having been received today, during which the caller identifies themselves as deputy sheriffs with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department. The callers are reportedly advising persons that they have missed court dates and are demanding that the individual travel to the court house.

This IS A SCAM. Please do not fall for this. The suspect party is going so far as to spoof their calling number as that of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department, ultimately leading the recipient of the call to believe that they are indeed speaking to someone from the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department. This SCAM, if carried out, will ultimately result in the scammer eliciting monies from the respondent.

Please rest assured that the sheriff’s department makes personal contact in matters such as this, along with mail outs. The overwhelming majority of scams of this nature originate from overseas.

MAJ Stephen Williams
PIO – Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department